Teaching with technology is not just about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools. It is about knowing how to effectively and successfully integrate the most effective tools into your teaching practice. With this purpose in mind, Learntech.pk is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of certificate courses under the title of ‘Teachnology’ – Tech for Teach (T4T). This course is a series ranging from generic to more specific modules.


This course is designed based on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) competency Framework for teachers (CFT) by UNESCO. The ICT CFT is a framework that outlines the competencies that teachers need to integrate (ICTs) into their professional practice. Using the framework developed by UNESCO, International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) established standards for students, teachers and ICT facilitators and Leaders.


These competencies standards is a reference framework in the development of Teachnology (T4T) course with a focus on equipping teachers with educational tools and technologies to transform how they teach and how the students learn, allowing them to unlock their potential and become change agents who will create and inspire positive change in the education system of Pakistan. 


Teachnology is intended to help you find creative, innovative and constructive ways to incorporate technology into your teaching and classroom.  It will also offer you an insider look at the best practices around the world for using technology to enhance your teaching practices.

Why might this specialization course be helpful to you?


The series of courses will help to:

  • transform teaching and learning in your classrooms / schools.

  • equip you to teach 21st century skills through technology.

  • broaden your horizon in understanding the role of teacher in future times and how technology can support the teacher.

  • become aware of emerging trends in ICT in Education.